Surgery Began a Work, Jesus Completed the Healing!

I had a young girl about 12 come up for prayer. I had seen her earlier. She had a bandage across her nose. She had had extensive surgery on her nasal passages and sinuses. At this point I needed a translator so I asked Stephanie Popp to translate. The girl’s pain was at an eight and she could not breathe through her nose. She was very scared. 

I prayed for God’s presence, prayed against any fear and asked for peace to fall on her. I began to command the swelling and pain to go away. She felt a little warmth. I kept praying the same way for the swelling and pain to be reduced and for the restoration of normal tissue. First, all her pain went away. Then the right nostril cleared up and she could breathe completely through it. At this point her faith was increasing, her countenance became brighter. I prayed two more times and then the left side opened up. Her nose began to drain a bloody, yellowish tinted liquid. At that point she took the bandage off. (The doctor had told her to keep on her nose.)   Finally she blew her nose without a problem. She was completely healed! Praise Jesus!
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