A Good Report About Back Pain and Kidney Stones

At Igreja Batiste Central, a young woman named Marianna came up asking for prayer because of back pain. From what I could understand, she’d had at least one operation because of kidney stones and was in pain that night. We prayed and her pain got a little better. She was ready to move on but I stopped her. I told her that Jesus was there and I wanted to pray again. This time her pain completely left. We hugged and then she left.


I didn’t really think much else about it until the day the trip ended. After most people left for home, a few of us were still in the city and met up with a group of young people (including a number of our translators) for worship and street ministry. I was about to leave because of a very early flight when someone stopped me. It was Marianna. She wanted to tell me what happened after we prayed. She relayed through our translator that not only was her pain completely gone, but she had passed a kidney stone with no pain—she showed me a photo to prove it! I’m pretty sure I was jumping up and down in the street thanking Jesus! We don’t always get to see what happens later, but we serve a good, good Father. He let me in on this one.


Alex A

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