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A Woman’s Back Pain is Totally Healed

An older lady came to me for prayer. She was complaining of lower back pain. I prayed for her condition and then asked if she noticed any change.  She reported she did not.  I prayed again, but still no change. This time through the interpreter she told me that it hurt when she bent forward because she had three herniated discs. So I had her sit down in a chair and asked her permission to check the length of her legs. Her right leg was about ¼” shorter than her left. I told her we would pray for her leg to lengthen. As I prayed, there was no change in the length of her legs, but she moved her left hand up and down her left leg to indicate that she felt something go down the leg. She then reported the pain in her back was gone.  She got up and bent over with no pain. She asked me if the leg got longer. I told her, “No, I didn’t see it get longer.” But she had a big smile and was happy that the pain in her back was 100% gone.

Brian M, Pastor

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