A Man is Healed from a Word of Knowledge for chest Pain

On Tuesday our team gave words of knowledge from the stage. As I gave the word “Angina, something with the heart” no one stood up. Two days later a man came to me and said that the word of knowledge I had given may be for him. When I gave the word he had been having some pain around his chest but didn’t know what it was. The next day he had prayed and felt that the Lord told him that the word of knowledge was for him, that he had this condition. So he came to me and we prayed. At the time he could feel the pain/discomfort in his chest. We prayed for the angina to be gone, pain to leave and for his heart to be as the Lord had made it. We prayed three times, each time the pain becoming less and less. The third time we prayed, he took a deep breath and moved about and said that the pain was all gone.

Tara, Stay at Home Mom

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