A Smile & A Hug Opens Door to Healing!

When we first arrived at the venue, I saw a woman in a pink shirt sitting alone on the side. As I walked bym, I smiled at her and watched her face change from a frown and a sad look to a big smile. After I put my stuff down, I walked over, gave her a big hug and returned to my seat.

Later when it was time pray for the sick, this same lady was brought to me. She said she had a pain in her heart and chest area. Because of a shortage of translators that was all the information I could get. I prayed for Holy Spirit to come and heal her heart. Then I heard Papa say, “Broken heart.” So I prayed that Holy Spirit would be the glue to put back together all the broken pieces of her heart. I asked her to check herself and she said that it was gone. The pain was gone! Before I could clap and celebrate, she grabbed my hands and pointed to the back of her neck. She had pain going from her chest to her neck up to the base of her skull. I prayed one sentence; in Jesus Name, I command all pain in her neck and shoulders and head to leave. Then I asked her to check again. She turned her head side to side, took a deep breathe, turned her head from side to side again and started to cry because 100% of ALL her pain was gone. Thank you Jesus!
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