A Word of Knowledge: Crutches

When preparing for our first evening in Marilia, I saw a picture (word of knowledge) of a man on steps using crutches. When I gave the word of knowledge that evening I said “Crutches. God wants to heal someone using crutches.” I did not mention that the picture was of a male or the steps because I did not want to disqualify anyone from coming for healing prayer. Our team was lined up in front of the platform and on the platform. I was on it and felt concerned that my poor person on crutches would need to climb stairs in order for me to pray for healing. Bingo! Now I understood the stairs in my vision and felt even more faith rise from within me. A young man came toward me with a crutch and metal apparatus on his right leg. I knew he was the one, so I moved toward him. He had undergone leg-lengthening surgery in which his leg bones were cut in pieces and left to heal creating an increase in length. He was in tremendous pain. Additionally, he had no mobility in his right ankle. I prayed several times with no measurable result. Then the Lord reminded me of the word of knowledge I received and a word of knowledge for leg surgery that another team member had given. I squatted down and spoke to the leg and commanded it to respond to the word and the will of the Lord. Immediately, the pain left, and he was able to move his ankle freely. Amazing!! This was personally significant for me because of the way the Lord led me to pray in faith according to the word of knowledge.   -Kathy, Minister

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