Singing for the Deaf to Hear

I asked God for the privilege of praying for a deaf ear to open. Isaiah 61:1-3 was in my mind. I had seen the blind eye open, the lame walk, hearts heal, and people get freedom. I wanted the deaf to hear and the dead to come to life. I wanted all of it! I also asked the Lord for a word of knowledge and saw a picture of myself singing over someone’s right shoulder resulting in their healing. (This made me feel uncomfortable because it would be a major leap of faith to sing over someone’s shoulder.) Through the day, I had another word of knowledge for foot cramps. During Randy Clark’s message, I asked God which word of knowledge He wanted me to give. In typical fashion, God answered my question with a question, “Which one takes more faith?” That’s when I knew I needed to give the shoulder one. As “luck” would have it, Randy Clark did not ask for words of knowledge that night. I felt relieved and off the hook, but not for long! The first person who came to me for prayer was a woman accompanied by her husband. She wanted prayer for her right ear. I did not know what the issue was, so I prayed for the normal functioning and health of her ear and auditory nerve. She became very excited, so I had an interpreter explain to me what was going on. For some reason I do not know, the auditory nerve had disconnected from the ear causing her to become completely deaf since she was 4 years old. The Lord reconnected the nerve!! Wahoo! God had more in mind for that night. The next person who came to me for prayer had problems with her right shoulder. The translator was still there, so I had him explain to her that the Lord showed me a picture of me singing over her shoulder and Him healing it. I asked if that would be okay. I was totally out of my comfort zone. She agreed, and I sang the Aaronic blessing over her shoulder. She was healed!! Praise God!!

-Kathy, Minister

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