Abdominal Pain Healed, Generational Curse Broken & Father’s Love Bestowed.

A young woman named Yonette asked for prayer for her hands that are starting to deform and for pain in her abdomen that travels into her back. As I was asking Holy Spirit to come and heal her hands, 

I prayed against arthritis in her hands and joints. She was feeling light moving up and down her body more in the abdominal area. I started praying for more of the Holy Spirit and she started having more feelings of being light through her body. I received a word of knowledge about the abdominal pain being something in her family that was generational. She confirmed that and we prayed a breaking off of the generational curse and commanded the afflicting spirit to leave in the name of Jesus. She asked if she could give me a hug and as we did, she said it felt like a Father’s hug. I felt lead to share that Father God delighted in her and she was accepted by Him and that He wanted to make it known to her because she had not heard it from her earthly father. She shared about her estranged father and prayed for forgiveness and reconciliation. That led to praying against the orphaned spirit and receiving the Father’s love. She began to laugh and shared she felt joy come over her. She thanked God and shared that she did not feel the pain in her stomach. – Carmeal

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