Afflicting Pain Relieved

On the last night we were called onto stage to release words of knowledge. I had a sharp pain in my ovaries that I had never felt before, so I gave it as a word of knowledge. A woman came up to me afterwards, and the translator said that the woman had these pains and she has extremely bad fear and anxiety. The lady’s daughter also said that a spirit is keeping her from attending church. Every time they want to come to church she is struggling with pains. So I prayed for her ovaries and commanded all spirits to leave in Jesus’ name! She fell to the floor, and while she was lying there I could see she was crying and something was still wrong. I kneeled beside her and commanded spirits to leave in Jesus’ name. Her eye lashes fluttered while I was commanding all evil to leave. Then she looked at peace! Later she came to me, and I will never forget her face. She was crying and she looked free! She embraced me with so much joy and freedom! I was blessed just as much as her. Thank you, Jesus!!!

Annelize, Planner

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