Shoulder Ligaments Torn in Motorcycle Accident Restored

During ministry time, a woman came up for prayer for her shoulder. She said she had torn ligaments in her shoulder from a motorcycle accident, and it was painful. I prayed one time, commanding her ligaments to heal, to be restored, and pain to go. After I prayed I asked her to test it out. She started lifting her arm, but only was able to raise it a little bit before it was too painful. I prayed again, a similar prayer as before, and commanded any spirits of infirmity to go. After praying I asked her to raise her arm again. She started to raise it and kept raising it until her arm was straight up. She said the pain was gone. She immediately began to go through the motions of putting her hair into a pony tail.  The man who came up with her looked shocked and happy. He told the translator that she couldn’t do that before! 

Carol, Director

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