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Anointing Remains – Eyesight Restored

On July 11 we began Phase 2 of YPI. I was getting little scared that since Randy Clark was gone that the Spirit of healing and anointing would leave with him. I began praying and soon we arrived at our church of 140 people. 

We had a few hours before service started, so we left to go to people’s houses to pray for the sick to be healed. In our first house we prayed for about seven people but saw no complete healing. One woman had cataracts for 14 years. We saw very little healing here, but we invited everyone to church that evening. At church we prayed for the woman again and she felt better. I actually saw the blue in the iris of her eyes begin to fade into a healthy brown. She said she could see better but felt nauseous and needed to sit down. She sat down and asked us to pray for her some more. We did and within a few minutes she told us that she could see clearly! – Vladic
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