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Arthritis on Left Side Disappears!

At Igreja Plenitude Christi, Sidney, a man in his late 30’s, wanted prayer for arthritis in his left shoulder, elbow, knee. I prayed while my interpreter and I laid hands on these parts of his body. Sidney felt God´s Presence, and the pain soon decreased in all places. 

God showed me a picture of Sidney in a shower from a waterfall which symbolize that God was overflowing him with His power from the Holy Spirit, healing him and anointing him. I then prayed for impartation for Sidney´s hands to be anointed with power to open blind eyes, deaf ears, heal the lame, raise the dead, and extend salvation. When we checked out on his shoulder, elbow and knee, Sidney moved them all.  All pain was totally gone. He got so crazy happy. He jumped and danced and hugged the interpreter and me. Wow! Thank God! – Helene

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