Severe Cough Healed


A man with a strong cough that had been there on and off for two years. It returned the day before. He said that maybe it was due to an allergy of some sort. I had a strong conviction that God was going to heal him. During the interview I asked him to check it out as I believed maybe God already had healed him. He checked and told me that it was still the same. 


I prayed and commanded the lungs to be healed and the coughing and the roots of it to disappear. I prayed that the Spirit would breathe new life and healing into his lungs and asked him to take some deep breaths. He did this. I also prayed for a strengthening of his immune system and that God would speed up the normal healing processes in the body. After a short while I asked him how he felt and he said that the cough was gone and he felt good. We praised God for the healing and I sealed the healing and prayed that the Spirit would fill him with fire and love. – Torsten Borbye Nielse

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