Back & Foot Pain Go in Jesus’ Name!

One of the translators asked to have prayer for pain in his lower back and the side of his right foot. The pain had been there for three years and had started after he had played soccerl. 

First I commanded the pain to go away from the back. I released complete healing in Jesus’ name. When I asked him to test it and do something that he had not been able to do earlier, he said that his back was completely healed. I thanked God and started releasing the healing to the side of the foot. I commanded the pain to go away and I declared complete healing. After the first prayer his foot was 60% better. I thanked God for starting the healing and released complete healing. There was lots of heat on the foot, and I could feel in my hand that something was happening in his foot. I declared complete healing in Jesus’ name. He tested it out and said that there was no more pain. The foot was completely healed. We thanked God together.

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