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Arthritic Joints Straighten & Move As Healing Begins

An elderly woman came forward with crippled fingers, pain in her wrists, hands, elbows, shoulders, hips and knees from arthritis. I couldn’t really get a good clear pain level but she did tell us that she couldn’t pick things up and hold them because of the pain.

I took both her hands and held them as I sensed Jesus was going to straighten the fingers. I invited Holy Spirit and while waiting I noticed her right shoulder socket had what appeared to be a bump from arthritis. I moved one hand to the shoulder. I commanded all joint pain to go in Jesus’ name, all inflammation to go in Jesus’ name and all deposits of calcium to melt and go in Jesus’ name. I stopped and asked how she was doing. She said the pain wasn’t as severe but heat was burning in her body, I told her that was good because that was the Holy Spirit healing her. I prayed another time for the joints on the right side. This time she could her arm straight up above her head. Praise Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! I then put my hand on her left shoulder and repeated all the previous commands. Her pain decreased but she couldn’t move her shoulder much. I repeated two more times until she was able to put both arms straight up with no pain. Thank you, Jesus! We praise You! All the while I am still holding her hands and was watching her fingers as her thumbs and forefingers were slowly straightening back to the way her Daddy created them. I asked her to look at them and she was smiling so much. I explained that the healing would continue in her fingers and the other joints. She nodded in agreement and then told the interpreter her knees were already healed! She proceeded to lift each leg and bend her knees with absolutely no pain. We clapped giving Jesus all the praise and glory for the healing!
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