Global Awakening

Normal Back & Neck Function Restored!

A young woman came up to me for prayer. The translator explained to me she had fallen in the bathroom three months before and had hurt her back and neck. 

Now she was in constant pain. I held her hands and prayed, “Come, Holy Spirit.” With authority and conviction, I commanded the pain to leave in Jesus’ name. I prayed some other things, as well. It was not very long before she dropped to the floor under the power of God. She rocked and shook and cried. After a couple of minutes she calmed down. I asked her if she felt anything. She said she felt heat on her neck and felt her spine in her neck area move around. I helped her to her feet and asked her to move around to see if she felt any pain. She didn’t feel any. The interpreter explained to me the pain was 100% gone! She tried touching her toes, something she wasn’t able to do before. She did it easily without pain! After the young woman realized she had been healed, she broke out in tears again and gave me a big long hug. Glory to God!

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