Back Pain Healed and Tumors Shrink!

I prayed for an older woman named Jacinta. She asked for prayer for pain in the upper middle of her spine. The pain level was at a 6 out of 10. She also had non-cancerous tumors in her jaw – the one on her right side being large enough to see as a long protrusion along her jaw line. During worship, I had felt pain in the same area of my spine as hers and felt then that it might be a word of knowledge, so I shared that with Jacinta and prayed for her spine first. After short command prayers, she reported no change. So, I cast a spirit of affliction off of her and she was quickly healed to the point of zero pain! We thanked God and then I started praying for her tumors, placing my hand on the largest, most visible one. As soon as I started praying, I felt God’s presence immediately shrink the tumor to almost nothing! I asked her to confirm what I felt, and she did. So, I prayed more command prayers and felt heat all over the area. I could feel the tumor shrink more, to the point where I couldn’t feel any of it anymore! I asked her to confirm and she did. For accuracy, she said that maybe there’s 2% of the tumor remaining.

Luke, Auctioneer

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