Blind Eyes Opened!

I wanted to see blind eyes open. On the Bush-Bush outreach, we were going house to house praying. I was knelt down on the ground praying for a sick baby with others. When I stood up I saw another group praying. I was led to go over to go to that group. 

One of our team members had his hands placed over an older man’s eyes and was praying for his sight to return. (The man looked to be in his seventies.) When man was asked to open his eyes, they were grey and glossy looking, but he said he could see a little better. Someone asked me if I wanted to pray him. I was exited this opportunity, so I said, “Yes!” As I prayed, I thanked God for what He had already done and asked for more to glorify the Father in the name of Jesus. When I removed my hands and he opened his eyes, I saw large black pupils and a blue ring around his eyes! He said he could see a lot better! I tested his eyes by writing some letters that were about one-half inch high saying “JESUS” on the paper I had . He read off each letter. A village person took my pad of paper with the letters on it and showed it to another person. They seemed to be marveling over what just happened. I asked if he could do that before. They said, “No!” We praised God! I told him, “Jesus healed you. Jesus loves you The Kingdom of God has just come near you!” PRAISE GOD! – Cheri, occupational therapist

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