Boy Rejoices After Birth Defect Healed!

My translator, Carmen, was very excited to see someone healed. She had prayed for a couple of people before but had not seen any change.on.

 The first person who came to us brought his son, who was between 8 and 10 years old. He had had surgery for a birth defect at age 10 months, but it was not completely successful. I had him sit down and hold his feet out. You could see about two-inch difference in length. I commanded the short leg to grow and it did! Several people, including Carmen saw it grow. They were cheering and jumping up and down, but I was focused on the boy. His face was the picture of astonishment and joy. His dad was crying. The child began jumping up and down on his newly strengthened leg! Carmen was so excited, she was primed to learn and to expect miracles from now 

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