Scoliosis Healed & Sense of Smell Restored!

On the bus ride to the church I received a word of knowledge:  Scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. Later a little over half way through our ministry time, a husband and wife came to me.  

They were probably in their late 20s to early 30s.  The lady spoke with the translator and told him she had scoliosis.  At that point my faith began to rise and I was very expectant that she would be healed because of the word of knowledge I had received earlier that night. I also found out that she could not smell anything and had not been able to for a very long time.  I began to pray for more of His presence, more Holy Spirit. I commanded the spine to straighten in Jesus’ name.  I also prayed that she be healed in Jesus name.  After a couple of minutes, we interviewed her.  Immediately you could tell the Lord had done a work in her. She was smiling very big with tears running down her cheeks.  She said she felt much lighter. I believe scoliosis had been lifted off of her. Then the translator asked if she could smell anything.  She began to try. After the third try she was ecstatic. She grabbed her husband and just began smelling him.  It was a joyous moment.  We praised Jesus. Then I blessed their marriage in Jesus’ name.

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