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Brazil – Joint Pain Relieved

A young woman came for prayer for severe pain in her left shoulder, pain down her left arm, pain in her elbow, and fingers and right knee. As I prayed for her shoulders, arms fingers, and all joints I noticed she had her eyes open looking at things at we prayed. 

After the first prayers, she said she was the same. I asked her to close her eyes and concentrate on receiving from Jesus. I prayed a second time asking God’s healing to come for the Holy Spirit to come with healing angels, commanded the pain to go from the shoulder, arm, elbow, and fingers, where I asked her to do something she could not do before. She began to move her fingers on her left hand, then her fingers on the right hand, opening and closing them over and over. She said they were pain free. She moved her knee and elbow and said all the pain was gone. She then began rotating her arm in the shoulder, making a wind mill movement. She said the shoulder was completely pain free and all pain had left her body. We praised Jesus for healing her 100%. ~Barbara

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