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Brazil – Young Woman Ear Healed

Prayed for a young lady who came to me from my word of knowledge for healing in her left ear. She had TMJ that was causing much pain in her left ear. We prayed through till ALL pain was gone. I could feel her jaw moving under my hands! Prayed for a Pastor’s wife. They were sent back to Brazil from America because they didn’t get their green cards. She had helped me to interpret for the girl with TMJ and another woman and then asked me to pray for her. She got a heart healing from hurts and unforgiveness towards her sister. She also was healed of all pain she was having in her body, in her back and on her ovaries (which Doctor’s couldn’t find a reason for her pain). I then felt impressed to pray for a greater anointing in her life and Holy Spirit fell so strongly she went to her knees crying, praying and praising. When I had to leave I asked her if she was all better and she said “yes, I am healed, delivered and set free!” Then I praised and thanked the Lord with her before leaving.

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