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Brazil – Internal Cataract

A mother brought her four year old child for me to pray for. She said the girl had an “internal cataract” through the interpreter. I do not know exactly what that is but she said it was since birth. The doctor told her she had less than 10 percent vision in the right eye and she needs surgery. We prayed healing for the eye, commanding the cataract to go. We tested the eye after prayer and she said it was “some” better. We prayed again and I had her look at letters up on the back wall of the platform. It was getting better each time, after five prayers and testing we could tell it was improved but not quite 80%. Then the mother and little girl found me at the altar at the night crusade. The mother had taken her daughter to the eye doctor on Friday. She said that it was confirmed that it really was about 50 percent vision and now she was asking for prayer for 100 percent! We prayed again for the eye to be 100% whole. The mother had a flyer of the crusade so we tested her eye reading letters at 10 feet away and it was a letter that was approximately a quarter inch tall and the girls could read it! We rejoiced with the mother and a little girl for the 100 percent healing of a right eye!

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