Brazil – Lady with Metal Screws in Arm

I prayed for a lady who had broken her left arm and had metal screws put in. She had very little movement and was in a lot of pain. Her hand was also very swollen and she was holding it with her right hand. I prayed and not much happened. I then prayed again and she said if felt a little better. I prayed more and she said it felt much better. As I was interviewing her this time suddenly the pain got worse in the shoulder. I remembered that if the pain moves it can be because of an afflicting spirit, so I explained this to the translator. I commanded the spirit of
affliction to leave and asked her again how it was. She said the pain in her shoulder had gone and her arm was about 80% better. About 10 minutes later I saw her talking to the translator again and he called me over. She was so happy and said that her arm was about 95% better.

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