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Brazil – Curses Broken, Artery Blockage Touched

“A lady asked for prayer for poor blood flow in her legs because of blockage in the arteries. The doctors said she will need surgery. The medical side of me wanted to ask her if she smoked or had high cholesterol levels, however the Holy Spirit told me to ask about witchcraft in her family. She said her mother was a witch and hurt her badly. We went through forgiveness prayers then broke off generational curses and renounced witchcraft. Then I prayed for healing. I felt led to have her sit down and lay her hand over her abdomen and I laid my hand over hers. I prayed for all blockages to be gone from the major blood vessel (aorta) down through the legs. I then checked her pulses in her feet and they were at first absent then I prayed more increase blood flow in Jesus name and the pulses increased to normal and her feet became warm!! All pain in legs disappeared and she was full of joy!! Praise the Lord!!”


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