Brazil – Afflicting Spirits Renounced, Curses Broken

Man healed and set free from Macumba. I was taken to a man who kept putting his head back as far as it would go when he was prayed for. I was told that his mother had taken his money and paid for him to get involved in Macumba (black magic in Brazil.) The Holy Spirit gave me three words: Occult, Serpent, and Divination spirits. I got him to renounce all 3 in Jesus name and also renounce every spirit associated with Macumba. I got him to repent for being involved. (He had given his life to Jesus that night and was experiencing chronic back pain because of his conversion.) I told him that in Jesus Name he had authority, and I got him to command every spirit mentioned above to leave every area of his body, mind and soul in Jesus name. I then laid his hands on him and commanded them to leave in Jesus’ name. He started contorting and squirming like a snake then started to cough as things left. His back was popping and crunching. Once this had stopped, I felt the Holy Spirit say “Bitterness, unforgiveness and Resentment.” I asked him if there was anyone he had trouble forgiving. He said that he had forgiven his mom twice before. I got him to renounce the spirits of bitterness and resentment in Jesus’ name, and then got him to command them to leave every area of his body, mind and soul in Jesus’ name. Then I put my hand back on the base of his spine and asked him to speak out forgiveness over his mother and actually speak out what he was forgiving her for. He did it and then broke into tears. He felt fire up his whole back, the last bit of pain left, he was healed! Praise Jesus!

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