Brazil – Curses Broken, Depression, Eyesight, Thyroid Healed

“I sensed that a lady that had come for impartation needed healing, so I asked her and she said that she had major depression accompanied by aches all over the body. I began to pray for depression to leave in the name of Jesus, she started to cry. I asked how she was feeling, she said lighter. I asked her if there was anything else. She felt that she could not help her son with his major depression. So the Holy Spirit showed me macumba witchcraft was the cause. As it turns out, her father was a leader of the macumba. I began to pray for release and I prayed to break the curse off her and then off her son. Returned to breaking off depression on her and her son. Then instructed her to pray for her son daily and keep him away from the witchcraft that is how she could help her son with the Lord helping her. I then prayed joy, peace and love over her and her son. She then had a new look on her face and she said she felt release, peace, and encouragement. Praise God! A girl wanted prayer for her eyes, a disease that will eventually make her blind. Earlier in the day at impartation my word was reverse so I believe God is reversing her condition and healing. After that prayer I saw her neck and throat swell up. I asked her what was wrong- she said it was thyroid. As I prayed against the disease I could see a python spirit, so I commanded it to leave. Fear left, anxiety left, swelling went down and I could physically see the release, and she said she felt much better. Praise God.”


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