Brazil – Inner Healing, Depression Lifted, Wrist Healed

“Guy with sadness/depression came for prayer. I prayed for sadness to be lifted and spoke peace over him. Spoke joy into him. After 5mins he was smiling and laughing. Girl with a broken heart, husband had left her 6 months previously. Prayed the Lord would heal her broken heart with a new one from heaven. I saw Jesus pick one from heaven and give it to her. He pulled out the old one and replaced it with the new one. She said she felt something lift and leave her. There was a word of knowledge for depression and suicide. Samuel came forward and my heart went out to him. I made my way over to him and found out he’s been suffering for 8 years. I shared my testimony with him of how the Lord healed me after 15 years of depression and anxiety and told him that tonight the Lord will heal him. I prayed for him, commanded the spirits that didn’t belong to leave and asked the Lord to fill him with His peace and love. As always, the Lord was faithful and compassionate. I sensed it lifted so I asked how he felt. Samuel confirmed that he felt something lift out of him and he feels peace, his smile spoke for him! He started to thank the Lord and praise Him. He came back the following night for healing in his wrist, again from a word of knowledge. He came forward to testify the Lord healed his wrist as well as the depression he suffered from the night before. Praise You Lord!!”


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