Brazil – Hearing Restored after 6 Years

A middle-aged man approached me for prayer for healing of his ears. His right ear was deaf with strong ringing in his ear and his left ear had a 60% hearing loss. Through the interpreter, I discovered that the deafness and hearing loss occurred 6 years ago due to being hit by a large rock that someone threw at him. As I interviewed him, I determined that he had forgiven those who had injured him and I sensed no unforgiveness or bitterness with him. I began to pray in stages over a 30 minute period, praying, interviewing, praying again etc.

Within just a few minutes, he said that his left ear was 100% healed, and hearing fine from it. The right ear, which had been deaf, was at 50% with considerable ringing still in the ear. I continued the prayer, interview, “check-it-out” process (snapping of fingers close then farther from his ears), and eventually he said that he the ringing was almost completely gone and the hearing at about 80-90%. He and his wife were ecstatic at what God had done, and were confident that God would finish the healing process of the ear to 100% as the other. I found out at the end that he was a bus driver and had not told them about the condition for fear of losing his job. He was becoming concerned as he could hardly hear anything. He and his wife left the meeting rejoicing in what God had done – obregado senior! ~Bob

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