Brazil – Heart Touched, Lady with Esophagus, Breast, Womb Problems Touched

“We had spotted a young guy early on in the evening who was crying in the congregation. One of the team came across and said one of us guys should pray for him, but it was difficult to physically reach him. I heard God say “he will come to you for prayer, don’t worry”. When Tom called for people to come forward I was waiting quite some time for an interpreter and when one came I turned to the first person in the crowd waiting to be prayed for. It was the guy we had previously seen weeping!! He had come for prayer for his mother’s back as in her job she had had to carry heavy weights. We prayed for her then I got to pray a fathers heart anointing over him, which he said made sense and he left crying but very happy. An African lady came for prayer for her dissolving esophagus, breast and womb problems. I had an interpreter who I asked to get one of the ladies from the church to come and lay hands over the areas. The lady received warmth in her throat and after a further session of prayer, the warmth went down her insides. I felt it was a process work of healing and as she rested the Lord would work on her body.”


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