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Brazil – Boy Healed Through Phone, Word of Knowledge Healings

“Middle aged lady responded to my word of knowledge for pain in her left shoulder blade and a numbing of her left arm down to her elbow. Prayed for about 15 seconds and asked her to test it and it was healed 100%! The lady I prayed for yesterday with the problem esophagus saw me and came running up with a big smile on her face. The previous night as she slept she had no reflux in her throat; she had previously had reflux every night for 3-4 months. Middle aged lady came up with photo of her teenage son. He had constant tremors in his hands. Prayed over the photo for healing. Then we asked her if her son was easily contactable. She went off to get her phone. When she came back she had called him and he told her the tremors had reduced significantly. We then asked if it was ok to ring him again for the rest of his healing. After the interpreter talked to him, the remaining tremors left his hand. Lady came up for prayer for an allergic reaction on her arm. Through a word of knowledge I sensed there was someone to forgive. She said it was her husband who she had looked after for the last ten years as he was suffering from cancer, but since getting better through medication he had begun to be unfaithful to her on the phone to many women. Led her in a prayer of forgiveness towards him and then prayed for the allergy. She was obviously very tearful, but after the short prayer for healing we saw the rash reduce on her arm and she said the itching had all but gone. She went away very happy. At the end of this session the translator asked for prayer for the damaged ankle he had got after playing soccer the day before. He had received 80% healing in the words of knowledge time and had taken his ankle cast off, but having stood for a while translating it had become sore again. After a brief prayer we visibly saw the swelling go down until there was only a tiny spot of pain left. 95% healing. One day we took a trip to an orphanage. Shortly after getting off the van, a staff member was healed of arthritis in her hip, knee and ankle on one side. Her testimony was a thumbs up and a huge smile, On way home, cataract was healed by a team member. Man was working at a store where we stopped for snacks. Orphanage trip was awesome; Pastor Tom Hauser delivered a message about being one of God’s treasured ones, and encouraged them to seek his love and comfort. Spoke destiny to them about being God’s army of church leaders of the future. Then we had a line of impartation of love and Father’s and Mother’s blessings. Kids were extremely receptive, friendly, and a bond was made when kids led adults down to the eating hall and we had lunch together.”


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