Brazil March 2019

Our team of 39 people, representing 5 different countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia and Switzerland) met together the morning of Tuesday, March 19 at the airport in Rio to bus transfer to our hotel in Niteroi, which was located immediately across the street from the beach. For the next 6 days, most of the team got the opportunity to take advantage of some of the more touristy experiences the city has to offer by visiting The Christ the Redeemer Statue, walking the beach, browsing local shops, visiting the 20th story rooftop of our hotel with its spectacular views and infinity pool, enjoy dining at delicious churrascarias, and hitting the mall.

 The Tuesday we landed, we hit the ground running as we received impartation that afternoon by the speakers Blaine Cook and Kim Maas and were already doing ministry all together that evening at a church service. For the rest of the week, 4 ministry teams with 9-10 people each were allocated to rotate doing ministry among 5 different churches.  

 Blaine and Kim did an excellent job leading, teaching, and following the Holy Spirit as they preached, prophesied, gave words of knowledge and empowered team members to minister. Because this was a smaller group, opportunities arose for team members to watch them minister up close and for Blaine and Kim to offer insight and feedback as well, so there was much equipping as we got to learn from them, the attendees got to learn from them and our team, we got to learn from each other, and the language barrier provided an ideal learning environment for translators to grow, participate in praying for healing, and see God move. On Sunday morning, there was a gathering of just women, compliments of Kim and her desire for women in ministry that was an extraordinary, touching, and memorable event.

 God showed up in power throughout the week by bringing emotional healing, physical healing, deliverance, and touching and filling people in special and unique ways.  We got to celebrate 8 salvations and 5 rededications together. Our group was able to participate in seeing 13 blind eyes opened, 7 deaf ears opened, 13 tumors and cysts disappear, 4 metal miracles and 1 lame person walk. Hallelujah!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

 This group, as groups tend to be, was a mixed bag of ages, backgrounds, accents (one even spoke fluent Portuguese), personalities, denominations, experiences and giftings, but the unity of Christ was evident as this group mingled, encouraged one another, shared testimonies, imparted to one another, prayed for each other, and did ministry for each other’s personal needs. We were blessed by everything from the more noticeable personalities that led singing, taught us how to clap in sync, and those that got the opportunity to speak at a service, to those who ministered more quietly and more individually in the background. It was truly the body functioning as a whole, and as a result, we all came away from the final impartation (where we also got to celebrate Blaine’s birthday!) blessed, spiritually refreshed, and fire-filled with things that we look forward to taking home as we continue ministry and desiring to see the Kingdom come to earth. 1-2-3 “Praise Jesus!!!” Mais Senhor!!!

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