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Brazil – Partially Blind From Birth

The next person who came up for prayers was a man, around 65 years of age, who stated that he has been partially blind from birth. I ask the interpreter to ask him if there were any members of his family who suffer from blindness, and he said his grandfather, and his father. I then realized that his case was generational spirit of blindness. I assured him of the Father’s love for him, and his desire to see him healed. When Jesus
was on earth over 2000 years ago, he healed many blind people, and he is still doing it today. I asked him if he was willing to accept healing from Jesus today, and he said yes. I then cursed the spirit of blindness in his blood line and commanded it to leave right then. I asked him to read my ID card which says in small letters Miami, Fl. He only saw the letter M. I thanked Jesus for the M and said Lord what about the entire name
Miami. I then prayed with him again, and asked him to read again, by this time he was spelling out M I A M I. We all shouted and cried and laughed and praised Jesus for his healing powers –what a marvelous experience. To God be the Glory forever and ever, all honor belong to you of might, King of Kings and Lord of Lord. AMEN

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