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Brazil – 11 Year Old Restored after Motorcycle Accident

Mary Ann, an 11 year old, was hit by a motorcycle 2 months ago. She had an injury to her head, her arm was in a cast and her ankle was wrapped. She basically had no ankle left because of the accident. She came in a wheel chair. She had a pin in her head, arm and ankle. She had double vision and was becoming quite forgetful. Her father was blaming her mother for allowing Mary Ann to be hit by the motorcyclist. He was planning to divorce Mary Ann’s mother.

Despite all this, Mary Ann told me immediately that she expected to go home walking, not using her wheel chair. I prayed Jesus’ love to wash over Mary Ann. I cast out every spirit of shock and trauma. I made sure that she had forgiven the motorcyclist. After several interviews, she had no pain in her head, arm or ankle. Her double vision went away. She left not using her wheel chair. Mary Ann gave her testimony on the platform during the evening service. She walked/hobbled across the platform. After the service she was walking perfectly fine. ~Brad
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