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Brazil – Shoulder has not functioned since birth

A lady came to me that had a shoulder that had not functioned since birth. She used her other arm to help lift and move this atrophied arm and shoulder. We pray for the healing power to come and touch your shoulder. I asked her to test and to try to move her shoulder. She said it felt a little bit better and she now had a little bit more movement in the shoulder and arm. We then commanded this shoulder to be loosed. I had her test it again. It was a little bit better. We prayed and did this several more times and she had some improved movement in her shoulders the first couple times. Then it seemed like we were not getting any further (about 50-60% movement so I moved on. She then found me again at the end of the crusade and she was so excited and wanted to show me because now she had over 80 percent movement in her shoulder and arm. PTL!

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