Brazil – Undergoing Chemotherapy

We prayed for another woman with breast cancer who was undergoing chemotherapy. She had a large tumor and was clearly in a desperate situation. As we prayed the tumor immediately began to shrink and by the end of the prayer time she felt no pain and was convinced that she was healed and the tumor had shrunk by 80%. She also had a problem with acid reflux which had damaged her esophagus. As we prayed and commanded the nerves to be whole she felt a tingling that started in her shoulder and then spread down the whole left side. We then had her check herself out and she felt completely healed from the numbness and the pain in her back was gone. However, she still felt discomfort in her throat and esophagus. We prayed a second time and spoke healing to the damage in her throat and when we asked her how she felt she said she was free from pain.

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