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Brazil – Young Man Eye Problems

A young man came forward last night asking for healing for his eye. His eye had been cut when someone threw a razor at him when he was in school. The injury left him with very limited vision in his left eye, less than 10% by his description. He showed us the glasses that he wore and the left lens was very thick, even with them on he had very limited vision. Before we started praying he could not determine the color of the banners in the arena. After the first prayer he was able to make out the color of the banner. After the second prayer he could see a yellow graphic on the banner. After the third time he could read the wording on top of the banner. After the fourth time praying we could begin to read the top line of the small print at the bottom of the banner. Then I happened to look over the top of my glasses and realized that I couldn’t even read
the words on the top of the banner without my glasses. He ended up with better vision than me.

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