Global Awakening

Healing Comes to Swollen Ankles & Feet After Woman Is Set Free!

We got back to our room and one of our team members wanted us to pray for her feet. She had sprained her ankle and both feet and ankles were swollen. I asked her how this happened. 

She related that during the past year she had many little accidents coming against her. I asked her when it started. She said she was a missionary that traveled over the border into Mexico from Arizona. During one of her trips she felt ‘something’ get on her. I broke any curse, hex, or spell sent against her. I then came against any fear she was having and loosed whatever had been plaguing her. She physically felt something leave out her feet. We then prayed for the pain and swelling to go as well. I commanded the afflicting spirit to go. Most of the pain left as well as some of the swelling. She said she felt relief from the fear that was taking over her. There had been a heaviness that had been hanging on her prior to prayer. 

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