Spinal Fluid Restored, Pain Goes & Range of Motion Returns!

I prayed for a woman in her mid-40s who had no spinal fluid which caused her much pain. She had no range of motion in her neck. She had pain level of 9-10 in her neck and back with very little mobility. 

I had never heard of this so I just asked God to replace the fluid, return her range of motion and commanded the pain to go.  I prayed twice with no results. I prayed a third time and she began to feel tingling. I prayed again and the Lord began to touch her more and her pain level began to drop. I asked her to try to do something she couldn’t do before. She began to move her neck. When she did this, she began to cry. She couldn’t believe what was happening. I prayed a couple more times and she was able to move her neck with a complete range of motion. She could bend and rotate her hips. Her pain was all gone. She was visibly overwhelmed, as was I.
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