Celiac Disease Healed

Celiac Disease Healed

On July 8, 2013 when Randy Clark was speaking about healing through God’s Word, I felt heat in my stomach. I had a stomach condition called celiac disease for 2 ½ years. When he was speaking, my Bible was opened to Psalm 103. I kept reading, “…heal you of all of your diseases.”

I read it over and over and then Randy actually spoke those words. I felt heat so strong, there was no denying it. I believed God for a full healing from celiac. I continued to feel heat for a few hours after. I believed God was showing me how He is building up my intestines strong by building up the villi in my small intestine. He was restoring my body to way it should be. I can now eat without restriction and have an amazing testimony to bring home. This testimony will build up the faith of many. God is great and worthy of praise! This whole experience is amazing!

This testimony continues. On July 11, I received my first word of knowledge which was the name “David.” I didn’t find David on the treasure hunt but during the service when explaining words of knowledge to the crowd, I asked if anyone’s name was David. I heard God say, “No, it’s a family member.” So I said, “Does anyone have a family member named David or Davi?” A woman jumped out of her chair and ran up front with a picture. She showed me a picture of her nephew, Davi who was now 2 years old. She asked me to pray because Davi had a condition where he couldn’t eat gluten and he had intestinal problems. This was exactly what I was healed of and my first word of knowledge was for a little boy who God healed of the same thing through my hands. God amazes me every day!

On July 12, the woman returned to the church and told me Davi is 100% better – fully healed. His stomach which would bloat excessively (like mine once did) went down completely (just like mine did). He is 100% healed and so am I. Davi’s family is so happy and thankful. My testimony just got better because of this.

It’s the day we leave [July 16] and I still feel great. I am forever thankful for my healing and honored that days later I was used to heal a little boy of the same thing. – Alexandra

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