Chest Pain, Fear Replace by Joy & Peace!

This was a very interesting case. During worship a young woman asked to have prayer. She said that she had had a strong pain in her chest for several months. She was very worried that it might be something more serious. 

There were no lumps on her breast but it was obvious that there was lots of fear on her mind. I asked her to place her own hand on top of her breast. I placed my hand on her shoulder. I asked her to just receive. In Jesus’ name I commanded all pain to leave her body. In Jesus’ name I broke the spirit of fear and declared clarity and joy over her thoughts. I declared complete healing on her body and soul. As soon as I had declared complete healing, she fell down by the power of the Holy Spirit. I continued ministering on her when she was on the ground. I asked her to continue receiving more from the Holy Spirit. When she felt like she was able to speak, I asked how she was feeling. She said that all the physical pain was gone. She did not feel any pain at all on her chest. All the fears were also gone. She felt peace and joy. She was completely healed. – Tero

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