Child Set Free by Jesus!

Last night we prayed for a young woman, in her early 30’s who was touched deeply—many tears and then resting in the Spirit. Tonight she brought her seven-year-old daughter, Monica, to us for prayer. 

Monica was very petite with curly hair, a toothless smile and glasses. The mother told us that Monica had trouble sleeping at night and had a lot of fear of “bad things.” I told Monica how beautiful she was, and she smiled. I asked her about the “bad things” and asked how it was that she thought they were there. Could she hear them or see them or feel them? She said she could see them and they were ugly. I asked her if she knew who was more powerful than the ugly things. She said, “No.” I told her Jesus and added that He is the most powerful One in the world. She smiled. I asked her to close her eyes and we would pray. Fairly quickly she swayed and we lowered her gently to the floor where she rested in the Spirit. We knelt beside her and continued to pray. Her mother knelt next to me with a river of tears flowing for her precious baby girl, resting so peacefully. Several minutes passed and then all of a sudden, Monica opened her eyes. She got the biggest toothless grin on her face and then giggled. She jumped up and hugged her mommy tightly. Her mother cried. She proceeded to tell me that Monica had witnessed domestic violence. Her father nearly killed her in Monica’s presence. She thanked me as Monica skipped off. We do not think Monica will be troubled with restless nights or bad things anymore. Thank you, Jesus.

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