Freedom Comes to Mother & Daughters

Rocio and her two daughters, Katherine and Mariana, came tonight. Her oldest told me right away she didn’t want to receive Jesus. I explained “certain things” don’t just go away unless the highest authority is present in the house/heart.

She still said no. But I sensed a lot of hurt and emotional pain. I started praying for her breaking all resistance and casting spirits of fear, anger, bitterness and asking The Lord to come upon her with power, anointing and love. And He did. He knocked her down to the floor immediately. While she was crying profusely I told her to repeat the prayer after me asking Jesus to come into her heart and bring all the peace and fill her heart with His Presence. When she got up she was a completely different person and an extremely beautiful girl.

The younger one said she didn’t want to receive Jesus either but I joined mom and the two daughters and prayed with them. They cried and restoration was happening. But Rocio told me the pain in her back and back of neck came back and the “words in her head” and when I put my hands on her back and prayed for more anointing and fire, she fell to the ground and demons started manifesting – worse than yesterday.

I had to take her to the bathroom. Several girls from the church followed us. I asked a lady to get two other American ladies. When they came, I told them that Rocio needed to forgive someone in order for her total deliverance, so we began to minister to her. Finally, after some time Rocio cried and confessed that her dad had done a lot of harm to her, her sisters and her daughters and that she could not forgive him. The ladies and I ministered to her for a while and explained to her that forgiveness is a decision of the will in obedience to God’s Word. We explained that she didn’t need to feel like forgiving, but she needed to know that she had to forgive like Jesus forgave us and in obedience. We explained that she tell The Lord, “Lord, you know I don’t feel like doing this, but in obedience to You, to honor You, submitting to Your Word, I choose to forgive my dad and all the others who did so much evil against me and my daughters. Empower me by Your Holy Spirit to obey You and forgive every person who offended me, just like You forgave me.”

In the end Rocio and her daughters were smiling, thanking us and asking us to visit them at their house. They said that they didn’t want us to forget them or to stop praying them.


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