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Children Healed, Parents Rejoice!

At Rio de Gloria Church a dad, mom and son came for prayer. The son had a bacterial infection. When I was done praying for the son, he said his pain was gone. The dad, who had been on the phone as I had been praying, gave me his cell phone and asked me to pray for his daughter. 

She was not able to come with them because she was at home sick with a bacterial problem and an ovary issue. As I was praying, she felt heat which was getting hotter and hotter. The heat was going up on her side. I made sure that she was still sitting down as I had instructed prior to praying. Now, she was crying out loud, “It’s hot. It’s hot.” I told her to remain calm and that it was the healing power of the Lord she was experiencing. My translator and I remained on the phone with her. About 10 to 15 minutes later, the heat started to go down. She was crying said the pain was not there anymore. I gave the phone back to the dad. Dad was jumping with joy as the daughter was giving him her testimony.

I prayed for the mom while the dad was being prayed for by another team of guys. Mom fell in the Spirit. When she got up she was so happy for the healing that happened to the family! Praise the Lord!

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