Compassion of Christ Prompts Healing of Child’s Throat, Eyes & Ear

After intercessory prayer during the service, we were called down to pray with others. A mother brought her daughter who looked to be about 10 years old. The mother asked me to pray for the girl’s throat and her vision.

The little girl was wearing a pair of pink rimmed glasses with thick lenses. I felt so overwhelmed by this child and the love that I had for her that I could not help but hug her and kiss her on her head. The Lord told me to tell her that she was so beautiful and that Jesus loved her. I prayed for her throat, and she was immediately healed. I asked her to remove her glasses and again was overwhelmed. I hugged her again and the Lord told me, “I see your love for her, and I’m going to heal her eyes.” I melted!!! I placed my interpreter’s hands on the girl’s temples and I placed the mother’s hand on her head. Then we prayed. I backed up, and she read my name tag. I backed up farther, and she read it again. We shouted for joy!!! Her mother was so excited that she wanted me to pray for her left ear in which she had little hearing. So I prayed, plugged up her right ear and had my interpreter test her left at close range and then farther and farther away. She said she was healed and was so amazed. We took them both to the pastor who checked the girl’s sight again close up and then asked her to read something on the wall across the auditorium, and she read it all. Thank you, Jesus!

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