Cyst (Tumor) behind Ear Dissolves with Prayer

At Igreja da Cidade I had a word of knowledge about a cyst or tumor behind an ear. A young lady came to me with a growth behind an ear, tucked into the muscles of her neck. The growth didn’t protrude from the neck but could be felt under the skin. I prayed and asked her to check. The growth was still there, but she said it was now very painful. I asked if it was painful or if she was feeling heat, and she replied that she was feeling heat. 

When I placed my hand back on the side of her head and neck to pray again, the area of skin over the growth did indeed feel super-hot, hotter than a fever ever gets. I prayed a couple of sentences of prayers and her hand flew up to check her neck.  She was in tears of joy to find the growth completely gone! – Lisa 

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