Deformed from Birth, a Man’s Hand Was Healed after Forgiveness

I had a man come for prayer who couldn’t move his hand since birth. He pointed to his hand and showed me where he had about 30 stitches in his wrist to correct it. As I talked with him, I discovered that he had unforgiveness in his heart toward his mother for being born this way.

He felt worthlessness and had a spirit of shame. I led him in a prayer of forgiveness toward his mother. We also led him to forgive himself and encouraged him in his sonship in Jesus. After praying, his hand started to move only slightly. I prayed again. This time when I grabbed his hand I noticed that he began to grip my hand tightly. We began to praise The Lord together. As I released his hand I noticed that his hand was moving and he began to open and close it. The man began to cry and give thanks to God. – Carlton, Corporate Trainer and Coach
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