Team Member’s Contact Problems Really Word of Knowledge

I wore my contacts the entire day and so by the evening service my contacts were bothering me. Typically I don’t like wearing my contacts all day because my eyes get dry and irritated. So I started putting drops in my eyes to bring relief.

For whatever reason it would clear up, and then this film would come right back over my eyes obstructing my vision. It was driving me nuts! I knew we had to go out and give words of knowledge with Randy, so I was listening to see what word of knowledge the Lord was giving me. I wasn’t getting anything! A thought came to me that maybe my eyes were a word of knowledge. As I began arguing with myself, “No, these are just my contacts. I need to take them off and put my glasses on”. Finally, I remembered the story that Randy always talks about his friend whose contact was bothering him and asked Randy to take it out but Randy said, “No, it’s a word of knowledge”. So I debated whether I would give it in front of everyone or not. Then I determined in my heart that even if I looked foolish and there was a slight chance of someone being healed I would give it. I asked God to give me an extra word of knowledge just in case (lol), and, being faithful as He is, I felt pain which I thought was ulcers. I gave both words of knowledge when it was time not expecting anyone to come forward for the eyes. When the congregation came up for prayer I had three women come to my line with cataracts explaining that they had this film over their eyes! This greatly built my faith and theirs as well! I prayed for each one individually, probably three to four times each, and each one was healed completely! Praise God! He is so good!!

I also had a woman that same night come to my line from the word of knowledge someone else gave for vision impairment due to glaucoma. She also was healed and her vision restored. I even had a gentleman come to me with ulcers! God is so faithful. Now we couldn’t tell right away if his ulcers were healed but I believe with all my heart that God healed him as well! – Ashley, House Wife

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