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Young Man Set Free From Oppression

We went to the service for the students of the Holy Spirit Institute to pray after their class. A young man, Julius, came up for prayer and seemed to “go out” in the Spirit. 

My wife discerned something was wrong and contrived to pray for him. He began to show demonic manifestations. His stomach became distended and he began to twist around to get away from prayer. As we continued to pray, he began to slither around on his back to escape. We held him, and his breath turned very bad. His eyes rolled back to show all white. My wife saw them as all black and then yellow like a snake. Earlier, I’d gotten one of the church pastors to help as prayer continued. We had to hold his hands as he tried to hit. His voice changed and he gave a high pitched laugh and said in fluent English, which he didn’t speak, “Julius is dead.” We continued to pray and eventually were successful in delivering him. The next night he came up to us smiling and thanking us. He looked very different. He brought his girlfriend, and we prayed blessing for her.

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