Blood Bonds Broken, Child Set Free!

I was called to come quickly by two of the helpers in red shirts. When I got there a young girl around 10 was convulsing around the floor and there were lots of people crowded around her.

I told everyone on get back from her and I spoke God’s peace over her. I spoke to the spirit and commanded it to leave and asked someone to quickly get a pastor from the church. It took quite a while and she was pretty bad so I commanded the spirit of witchcraft to leave her in Jesus name and she instantly calmed for a few minutes but then started again. Tom from the children’s Centre arrived with a lady from there and I stepped back. As I continued to pray I felt God say that it had to do with witchcraft and was connected to the mother. Tom interviewed the mother while his lady prayed with the little girl. Tom told me later that he felt there was a blood bond involved and asked the mother about this. She acknowledged that she and the father had made a blood bond before the little girl was born. As soon as she prayed with Tom and renounced the blood bond, the little girl came to and the lady from the Centre prayed the salvation prayer with the girl. The mother also told Tom they were living in a house with a witch.

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